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At SPEEDY A MESSENGERS, we have extensive experience in handling pick, pack and door to door delivery services. For a number of different product lines and various ship out methods, large or small. Our services are customized to meet your exact needs ensuring SPEEDY and accuracy that is second to none compared to our peers in the industry. We also offer an unbeatable pricing system which makes us the better option for customers looking for quality services at GREAT prices.

We routinely deliver 99% of all our packages to their destinations in various Africa states within few business days. West Africa is our most traveled route right now specifically Nigeria. All states in Nigeria are covered by our delivery services and we also manage delivery to Liberia and Ghana. Whenever the need arises we also have at our disposal the means to deliver your product to any U.S. destination by the next day.

The secret to our success has been that we customize our services to fit the needs of our customers, whatever the size. To us no account is too small. We act as providers and consultants to both small and large clients and even help the smaller ones to manage their accounts through proper cost savings. We operate one of the best reward systems for referral efforts by all our satisfied customers. We continuously encourage all our happy clients to spread the news and get rewarded.

In all our business conducts, we put a premium on relationships. From the pickup to the delivery of your packages; our professional interaction with you and your contacts reflects our professionalism and core values as an organization.

Our services are broken down into two categories:

Air Courier > Door to Door. Speedy A Messengers is responsible for goods until delivered to your door.

Airport to Airport. Speedy A Messengers is only responsible for goods as far as airport of destination. We are not responsible to clear or pay duty on consignment.

When i first heard about Speedy A Messengers, i couldnt just beleive that i can enjoy such an incredible customer service with any cargo company but they actually exceeded my expectations in all ways. Thanks Guys....
Lydia A.. Atlanta Georgia
My company runs operations from both Texas office and Lagos Nigeria. we had spent so much getting stuffs from our international office in US to Lagos until we met Speedy A Messengers. They re-adjusted our shipping budget and took care of all shipping headache leaving us to focus on our primary assignments...
TOTEM SERVICES. . Houston Texas
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