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Q:   Will I have to pay again when the things arrive in Nigeria? Is it really delivered to my door?
A:   No everything is paid up here. And YES it really is delivered to your door.
Q:   how do i get the list of cargos that costums will not let into nigeria?
A:   In such situations we advise you to call in there is a long list of "dos and don'ts" with reference to Nigerian Customs.
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When i first heard about Speedy A Messengers, i couldnt just beleive that i can enjoy such an incredible customer service with any cargo company but they actually exceeded my expectations in all ways. Thanks Guys....
Lydia A.. Atlanta Georgia
My company runs operations from both Texas office and Lagos Nigeria. we had spent so much getting stuffs from our international office in US to Lagos until we met Speedy A Messengers. They re-adjusted our shipping budget and took care of all shipping headache leaving us to focus on our primary assignments...
TOTEM SERVICES. . Houston Texas
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